Friday, May 03, 2013

Hello Colombia!

For some time now, there has been lots of QuiteBASIC activity from Colombia. I can see that folks are really creating their own programs and running them. This is great! If you are one of those Colombians, feel free to to leave a comment here and tell everyone what you are up to!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Thank you!!!

I actually did my High School final project in Basic back in 89, ha ha.

Hey Nikko I've been unable to do 2^3 and this type of powers, how is that done? it just gives me error...
Syntax error on line 10(near the @ sign): 10 print 2@^3

Do you have any idea of what's wrong here?



11:02 AM

Blogger Nikko Strom said...

Thanks and sorry about 2^3.
You are right, that is not actually supported.
But you can do something like:
10 PRINT EXP(3 * LOG(2))

6:16 PM


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