Friday, March 04, 2011

IE9 and Chrome are neck-and-neck!

QuiteBASIC is quite a challenge for web browsers. The BASIC interpreter runs in Javascript and the DOM gets thoroughly exercised by the graphics (a HTML table where each pixel is a cell). Until today Chrome always had an edge on IE and other browsers.

But today I installed IE9 RC and it is fast!

Chrome 9 and IE9 are actually virtually neck-and-neck in terms of speed on all projects I tried with IE9 just a tiny bit faster.

The Brute force solution for the Eight Queens problem runs in 6 seconds in both bowsers.
The Bifurcations Math project runs in 6 seconds on IE9 and 7 seconds on Chrome.

And the picture below shows how far the Mandelbrot program got in one minute -- slightly longer (that means faster) on IE9.

In the picture it is also easy to appreciate the compact chrome of IE9. It takes much less screen real-estate than Chrome.


Blogger Nikko said...

I installed the first stable version of Chrome 10 today but IE9 is still a tiny bit faster on the Mandelbrot project.

8:51 AM

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