Monday, February 04, 2008

Compatibility Step 3

Good news!
DATA/READ is now part of the Quite BASIC language.

The bad news is that I identified a few more incompatibilities with classic BASIC.
  • Array indices; Quite BASIC uses [] but classic BASIC uses ().
  • The DEF keyword. Quite BASIC does not support this.
I am tracking all this loosely in a doc at the club house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, you've made some really nice work with QuiteBasic. I want to point out one more thing that would be nice to implement.

Together with DATA/READ goes usually a third statement, RESTORE. It is useful for those cases where you need to read through the data twice.

Would you consider adding that statement to your interpreter?

12:53 PM

Blogger Nikko said...

Good point. I will add that my todo list.
Unfortunately I'm pretty busy these days so I can't promise when I get to it.

8:59 PM


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