Monday, January 15, 2007

IE7 and Quite BASIC

Alright, I can see in the server logs that more and more people are switching to IE7 now. I am hopeful Quite BASIC does not suffer severly from the change. I have tested all the "house projects".

I had to change a color name in the "Wall" game from "lightGray" to "lightGrey" since the former wasn't supported in IE7 for some weird reason. But other than that all house projects seem to function properly in IE7.

IE7 has new security and privacy settings, and I have anecdotal reports that this may block the INPUT command which is used for example in the popular Trebuchet game. I have not reproduced this problem, but if you do experience it, please let me know so I can try to find a workaround or post proper instructions to change the privacy settings.


Blogger Nikko said...

OK, so here's what happens in IE7:

The new stricter privacy and security default settings prevent the INPUT prompt to pop up. Instead a yellow bar (or is it gold?) show up at the top of your browser window. Just click on the that bar and follow the istructions to allow the prompt to pop up.

NOTE: this has nothing to do with the dreaded pop-up and pop-under advertisements on some sites.

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